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Our Take On The Classic Chess Drinking Game

Chess Drinking Game -

Our Chess Drinking Game has players drinking to this timeless classic game of strategy and patience. Dating back before the 6th century, it’s absolutely astonishing that chess still manages to draw a huge player base to this day. There’s really no comparison when looking for games of pure strategy. And what better than a battle of minds to get absolutely sloppy drunk?


The Idea

Our drinking game focuses on costing players drinks in order to place their pieces on the board to start the game, with stronger pieces costing more drinks. Chess is one of those games where some players are simply on another level and are nearly impossible to beat without years of practice, hopefully our ruleset makes it so at least they’ll get pretty drunk and other players can get the edge.


For anyone unfamiliar with the basic rules of friends that doesn’t want to get ridiculed by their condescending friends here’s a link to the basic rules of Chess.

Chess Drinking Game -

Here’s What You’ll Need

A Chess set (obviously), a measuring cup, your wits, and some beers.

Chess Drinking Rules:

Set up:

Unlike a regular game of chess this version will cost players drinks to start with pieces on the board. Players can decide how many pieces they want on the board and they must start in the position they would normally start in. The catch is players must drink for each piece placed at the start, which can lead to players placing more or less pieces depending on how much they want to drink to get an advantage. The only piece that’s automatically on the board is the king.

Drink costs:

  • Pawn – 1 Drink
  • Bishop – 3 Drinks
  • Knight – 3 Drinks
  • Rook – 5 Drinks
  • Queen – 9 Drinks

The Drinking Measuring Cup:

In order to make sure players are being honest we suggest using a measuring cup to take drinks at the start of the game, then chugging the whole thing at once. For reference there’s about 6 shots to a cup. So if you wanted to play 3 pawns, a queen and a rook, you’d be looking at 17 shots. Or just under 3 cups.

Drinking Measuring Cup -

Additional Drinking Rule:

Other than the drinking rules for setting up the board, the only rule to this game is that players must drink when they lose a piece based on the following chart.

Drink for every lost:

  • Pawn – 1 Drink
  • Bishop – 2 Drinks
  • Knight – 2 Drinks
  • Rook – 3 Drinks
  • Queen – 4 Drinks
  • King (Checkmate) – Finish your drink

King’s Court

Personally I find our drinking game for chess works best in a “King’s Court” fashion where the winning player or team stays on the board if they win to take on the next challenger until they lose and are forced off. This way the top teams are sure to lose eventually as they are unable to drink enough to start with enough players on the board.


Chess Drinking Game -

Two Kinds Of People

This game brings out the very best and worst in people. You get your overly cocky players who think they can win with the king and a few pawns. On the other end of the spectrum you get your players that substitute all their wits for alcohol tolerance and chug a few beers before the game even starts to get a massive field advantage.


Chess Drinking Game -


This drinking game is a true test of strategy and endurance. Sure, players could start with a full board, but that would cost them a massive 39 drinks. And is that really worth it to destroy your opponent? (maybe.) So players have to come up with a strategy and decide how much drinking is worth the victory and avoiding the losing penalty of finishing your drink.

Plus this variation sort of balances the game because great players will think they can win with less pieces and get cocky. So grab a few beers, and then a few more beers, and get ready for our take on the classic Chess Drinking Game.