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Drunkopoly : Drinking Monopoly

Drunkopoly Drinking Monopoly - The Chuggernauts

We’ve all played this classic board game before. Roll the dice, run around the board, and slowly go bankrupt while the only person who managed to get a set of properties holds on to them for dear life.

Drunkopoly plays out like a normal game of monopoly except players must drink when certain things happen within the game. Additionally players can trade each other monopoly money to avoid taking some drinks.


A copy of Monopoly, A pint glass, and drinks.

Set up:

Deal out the money and place your starting pieces on the Go space just like you would in a normal game of monopoly. Place the empty pint glass in the center of the game board.


As the game progresses players will continue to pour a bit of their drinks into the central pint glass every time they pass go. If a player winds up in jail or the Free Parking space they must drink everything in the central pint glass. Additional rules include the ability to take drinks to avoid paying money in the game or using drinks as bargaining chips while trading.

Drunkopoly Drinking Monopoly Rules:

Drinking monopoly plays out almost exactly like regular monopoly. Players race to see who can bankrupt the other players first. In addition to the normal rules there are some drinking rules as well.

  • Passing Go: In addition to the $200 players get for passing Go they also must pour some of their drink into the central pint glass.
  • Jail: Players still land in jail the way they normally would. Rolling 3 triples or getting sent there by a chance or community chest card. However the only way to get out of jail in this version is to drink the entirety of the central pint glass. If it’s empty when you land in jail every other player gets to add some of their drink to the cup. Until that drink is finished you may not leave jail.
  • Free Parking: Normally in Monopoly the Free Parking space is just an empty space. In Drinking Monopoly when someone lands on this space he points at a player and that player must drink the central pint glass. If he doesn’t want to drink it he’s allowed to bargain with the player who assigned it and offer them monopoly money or properties to avoid drinking it.
  • Trading: In addition to being able to trade money and properties as usual players can also bargain with drinks. It’s perfectly fair to offer a player $500 to drink your next central pint glass next time you have to do it.
  • Get out of jail free card: This card no longer exempts people from jail. Instead it’s used to avoid drinking the central cup once and then it is shuffled back into the deck.
  • Snake eyes: Rolling double 1s means you have to drink the central cup.

Beyond this the game plays as normal. Whenever a player is eliminated he must drink the central pint glass.


Additional rules:

  • Jail Camping: Much like in the original; players sometimes would stay in jail to avoid landing on the opposing players properties. If the group decides someone is intentionally camping they can vote to disqualify him or her from the game.
  • Full glass: If the glass is full players no longer add to the glass until someone is set to drink it.

We suggest a coaster or something of the sort for this game unless you want to stain your monopoly board. If you don’t already own a copy of Monopoly Amazon sells them brand new for under 20$.


As always please remember to Drink Responsibly. It’s only a game and there’s no shame in taking a break. It’s not worth getting hurt or sick over.