10 College Drinking Games Way Better Than Beer Pong

10 College Drinking Games That Are Way Better Than Beer Pong - The Chuggernauts

When most people think of college drinking games they think beer pong, but the world of frat-house party games is much bigger than people assume. The frat party life has given birth to dozens of amazing drinking games throughout the years. So we decided to list 10 drinking games that we think are way better than Beer Pong.

10 College Drinking Games That Are Definitely Better Than Beer Pong


FlunkyBall setup -

FlunkyBall is best played outside but it also works perfectly well in a decent sized open area indoors. This one’s a blast because it usually results in some drunken scrambling. The way to win this game is for your entire team to finish their drinks before the opposing team does, so the team can only be as good as it’s weakest link.

Setting It Up

For this game each player needs a closed beer, then an empty beer bottle is placed in the center of a room. Players are divided into two equal teams and both teams stand on opposite ends of the room. (Or around 12 feet from the center bottle if it’s outdoors). Starting team gets a ping-pong ball.

How To Play

Teams alternate taking turns throwing the ball at the beer bottle in the middle. If they hit the bottle everyone on that team can start chugging their beer. The other team has to hurry and grab the ball and bring it back on their side and yell “Stop!” to get the scoring team to stop chugging.

Once every member on a team has finished their beers, they win the game. (Players can only drink when scoring, no casual drinking between shots.)


4Pong Drinking Game - the Chuggernauts . com

4Pong is a newer game that’s set to make it’s debut later on this year. It’s a hilariously clever mash-up of Beer Pong and connect 4. So whether you’re an ace beer pong player or an avid connect 4 strategist, by the end of this game you’re sure to be doubting your skills.

Setting It Up

Simply grab the game board and hang it on an open space on the wall like a dart board. Then each team takes all of one color of pong ball. Then decide who starts.

How To Play

Teams take turn tossing a ping pong ball at the game board. The goal is to land it into one of the cups which will make it drop down into the matching column. Much like connect 4 the goal is to get 4 in a row. And to the losers? Bottoms up!

The game is available for pre-purchase here!

Shuffle Dice

Dice Toss -

Shuffle Dice is a game of our own creation involving a table, some tape, a dice, and beer cans. Luckily most of that stuff is easy to find in any home. It’s sort of a cross between shuffle board and the drinking game landmines.

The goal of the game is to earn the most points by sliding a die across the board into your opponents scoring zone, then scoring points equal to the roll of the die.

Setting It Up

This game is either played 1v1 or 2v2. Teams are on opposite ends of a table, longways. About 12 inches from the edge of each end of the table players must make a line across the table. This is best done with some painters tape or any kind of tape that won’t leave too much of a mark. Then choose who gets to start the game by rolling the die, highest roll goes first.

How To Play

On a players turn they attempt to slide the die from one end of the table into the other, landing within the scoring zone. If it’s in the zone they score points equal to the roll of the die and the opposing team must take that many sips. Otherwise nothing happens.

Whenever a player finishes a drink during this game they can put their empty drink can/cup/bottle on the table. In a way that attempts to block the opponents ability to slide dice across. Be careful though because you’ll have to avoid it too.

First team to 21 points wins the game and the other team has to pound back a beer.


BierStick review - the

Alright we may have cheated by putting this in here since it’s not really a game. It’s more of an evolution of the common beer-bong. Basically it’s a giant syringe that shoots beverages into your face at crazy speeds. Can’t think of a better way to get the party started than that!

Setting It Up

Once you get this product there’s a bit of set up but it won’t take very long. Simply grease the little O-Rings and the inside of the tube, and test it out to make sure it moves smoothly.

Using the BierStick

Simply dumb a beer into the funnel, then push it down a bit to remove the excess air and foam. Then pick up the tube horizontally and chug it back. That beer will be downed in an instant.

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Boom Cup

Boom Cup Drinking Game -

Boom Cup is great for a laugh and it’s one of the quickest paced drinking games out there. Plus if you have the requirements for beer pong you’ll also have what you need to play this game.

Setting It Up

First you need about 20 to 30 solo cups, and then put a bit of booze in each of them and fill up the one in the middle. That’s the Boom Cup. Pass two empty cups and two ping pong balls to two separate players who are across the table from each other.

How To Play

This is a game of speed and accuracy, so don’t wait just GO. The players with the empty cup and ball to bounce the ball into the cup. They keep trying until they succeed. When they succeed they pass the cup and ball to the player on the right. If that player is currently trying to sink their cup the player who just sunk theirs can slap the cup away, causing them to down one of the cups. Then another round begins.

This keeps going until someone has to drink the very last cup, the boom cup, who loses the game.

Drunk Jenga

This classic tower building game was practically built for making drinking games around. The beauty of it is as players play more they actually get worse because of having to drink so it always stays fair.

Setting It Up

Grab a regular set of Jenga, then some markers. Pass everyone some Jenga blocks and a marker and let them write whatever they want on the block. These are typically drinking rules like “Boys drink” or whatever you want. If you want a nice deep list of possible block ideas check here.

How To Play

The goal of this is much like regular Jenga except with one key difference. Whenever a block is pulled you must do whatever is written on the block. Whoever knocks down the tower at the end needs to chug the rest of their drink.

Gelande Quaffing

Gelande Quaffing -
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Gelande Quaffing quickly turned from a drinking game to a crazy theatrical sport that is taken very seriously in certain places. The idea of the game is to slide a mug of beer across a frozen table to your team mate, and they must catch it by the handle and chug it.

Setting It Up

This is pretty strictly a winter drinking game. So you need to be somewhere cold. Then you need two long tables. Run some water over the tables and allow it to freeze. Then fill up some mugs and get ready to play, one team mate on each end of a table.

How To Play

Players earn points for successful catches and beer chugs. Vomiting results in disqualification. The game is typically played in 3 full rounds. For a more thorough list of Quaffing rules check out this page on LocalsProject.


Drink-A-Palooza review - the Chuggernauts

Drink-A-Palooza is the all in one hodge-podge board game that combines tons of classic games like flip cup, beer pong and quarters. Can’t decide what to play? Why not play everything?

How To Play

This board game works like many others. Roll a die, move the six-pack-holder around the board, and simply do what the space says. Which often results in hilarious competitions or challenges in order to earn more beers to fill out your six-pack and win the game.

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Stump Drinking Game

Stump is really the mother of all bad drinking ideas. But it’s hella fun. The idea is this college drinking game is to throw a hammer into the air, catch it, than slam it down and try to get a nail into a stump. If this sounds dangerous to you, that’s because it is.

Setting It Up

This game actually requires a real tree stump. I’m sure you could use a piece of wood but that just wouldn’t be as fun. Then put one nail into the stump for each player, about half way so it can stand up on it’s own.

How To Play

Players take turns flipping the hammer and then striking it down on the stump in one swift motion. If the player fails or drops the hammer they must drink. If they strike a nail the player who’s nail it was drinks. If sparks fly everyone drinks.



Frisknock is a staple drinking game at camping trips. It’s great for anyone who doesn’t want to sit around flipping cards all day and wants to enjoy the nice weather. The goal is to knock the other teams beer off of a post to earn points, while the other team tries to catch the beer and frisbee before they hit the ground.

Setting It Up

Hammer two wooden pegs into the ground about 20 feet apart. Then one team stands at each peg. One team grabs the fristbee and gets ready to start the game.

How To Play

Teams take turns throwing the frisbee at the opponents beer/stake. If the frisbee hits the pole or beer the defending team must try to catch the beer and frisbee. For each thing they don’t catch the throwing team scores a point.

First team to get 10 points wins. Whenever a point is scored the team who was scored on must take a sip.



So there ya have it. 10 college drinking games that are better than beer pong. If you liked that list or want to check out some other awesome drinking games list check out our list of games. Please remember to drink responsibly.