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Gelande Quaffing Rules

Gelande Quaffing -
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Gelande Quaffing is more of a spectacle than a game. It’s one of the most exciting thing that a group can do outside with a few beers. This game has gained an almost cult-like following. There’s something about it that drives competitions worldwide.

What Is Gelande Quaffing?

The game revolves around the idea of how fun it is to slide a beer across a counter top. It’s one of few games that’s exclusively played outside in cold weather. Teams of 4 battle head to head, sliding beers across the cold frozen table top hoping their team mate can catch it on the other end. And of course, downing the beer.

That’s the basics of the game but it gets much more intricate. Bonus points are also awarded for catching the stein by the handle, or doing trick catches. The end product is a bunch of drunkards flipping and jumping around as they chug beers and it’s exactly as exciting as it sounds.

How did it start?

As legend has it the game started around 1986 with a group of skiiers known as the Jacksonville Air Force. They got the idea from watching the bar tender slide their drinks down the counter top to fulfill their orders.  Once a beer was slid with a bit too much gusto one of the skiiers caught it and chugged it back. And the rest is history.

From there the game has only grown. Gaining massive momentum in some communities and even fostering world championship with many of the same teams practicing all year for another shot at the title of best Quaffer in the world.

Gelande Quaffing Rules

Players alternate sliding the beers (Quaffing) down the table to their team mate. Earning points for successful catches and chugs. The game is typically played in 3 full rounds. For a more thourough list of Quaffing rules check out this page on LocalsProject.


  • 10 ft long table
  • Teams of 4
  • Quaffer must remain 2 ft from the edge of the bar
  • Quaffers must rotate every shot
  • May not pitch until beer is empty and back on the table
  • Puking results in disqualification
  • Ties result in a sudden death 1v1 situation where the quickest Quaff wins.


  • Round 1:
    • 1 point regular catch.
    • 2 points handle catch.
  • Round 2: The Quaffer must do a 360 between leaving the pitchers hand and the Quaffer’s catch. 
    • 1 point regular catch.
    • 2 points handle catch.
  • Round 3: The quaffer must to a 360 OR under the leg catch. 
    • 1 point regular catch.
    • 2 points handle catch.
  • Finals: 
    • 1 catch of each handle catch, 360 catch, and under the leg catch.
    • After the 3 required catches
    • 0 points regular catch, 1 point handle catch, 2 points 360 handle catch OR under the leg, 0-5 points freestyle (at judges discretion).

These Gelande Quaffing rules change from area to area. So be sure to know what the house rules are before you jump in.