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BierStick – God’s Gift to Drunkards

BierStick review - the

Recently we got a chance to review a great new drinking product, the BierStick. For those that have never seen one it’s basically a large plastic syringe used to rocket beverages into your face at impressive speeds. Which actually goes down a lot smoother than you’d expect.

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As far as getting the party started goes, there’s really no competition to this syringe. You’ll be shocked at just how effective and effortless it is to use this product. They also have an online store with plenty of other accessories and everything from clothing to hangover cures.

How to Use the BierStick

There is a minor bit of setup before the BierStick can be used, but it only takes a second and is easily explained in the small instruction booklet that comes with it.

Just grab some cooking spray, (any kind of edible oil will do) and grease the O-Rings and the inside of the tube. Then put the two tubes together and you’re good to go. Make sure that the O-Rings stayed in place.

Then pop off the mouth piece, fill with beer, push out the air/foam and you’re ready for the fun to begin.

To consume the beer it’s probably best to just hold the stick horizontally against a wall and push towards it. Or alternatively you can just use your other hand, which looks way cooler but it somewhat harder to operate.

BierStick Review

When first presenting this large daunting product to a group of friends I was met with two distinct types of reactions. “Why on earth would I do that?” and “Hell yeah!”. Needless to say by the end of the night everyone was on board with this wonderful device.

Being the one who brought this bright-idea to the table in the first place, I was tasked with the first chug. Not going to lie it was pretty daunting. But after all was said and done, it went down so incredibly smooth and was easily the quickest I had ever downed a beer in my life.

From there everyone was doing it and it was pretty easy. Had to re grease it once or twice but that was easy. I think this product can replace the modern beer bong since it basically does the same job but better.

It’s important to note that the Bierstick is to be used at your own risk. It should be easy to see why this can lead to the over-consumption of alcohol and should be used with caution.