10 Anime Drinking Games That Will Get You Drunk

Attack On Titan Drinking Game

This is our list of the top anime drinking games that we feel will get you the most drunk. Everyone appreciates a challenge, and as far as drinks per minute go, these games will punish your sobriety like none other. This list covers most genres you would hope to find among any anime list. From intense action, thought provoking material, all the way to pure fan service goodness. So get strapped in and see how far you can make it in any of these games before you tap out.


Attack on Titan

One of the most noteworthy anime to come out in years, attack on Titan does it’s best to keep the viewer entertained through action and mystery. Protagonist Eren Jaeger lives inside of the walls. Giant barricades that are mankind’s last defense against the monstrosities known as titans. Titans are giant man eating monsters that look just like people. One day the quiet lives of the people are brought crashing down when the walls are breached by a colossal titan many times larger than anyone has ever seen. Join Eren in his fight for survival against humanities greatest foe.

Attack On Titan Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one when

  • Someone says “Titan”
  • Whenever someone says Eren or Mikasa
  • Armin whines or panics
  • Someone mentions the Survey Corps/Scouts, The Garrison or the MP (Military Police)
  • Eren explains how much he wants to destroy titans
  • There’s a flashback to Eren’s mom getting eaten
  • Someone cries
  • You notice new unique facial hair

Drink three when

  • Someone shuts down Eren
  • Someone saves Eren

Additionally players must constantly chug their drinks while the Colossal Titan is in frame


Bakemonogatari drinking game -


The next entry in our top 10 takes a unique twist on how a story can be told. Bakemonogatari and the other seasons within this long running series prefer a slower more deliberately word heavy approach to storytelling. With lots of cuts to random scenes and conversations that are made interesting simply by the brilliant animation during dialogue. Bakemonogatari follows Koyomi Araragi as he deals with the supernatural events surrounding himself and the people around him. You may be wondering how a show that is mostly talking with so few rules can be on a list of games to get you drunk. Just give this game a try and you will quickly learn that there is a whole lot more going on during the characters talks than you could ever imagine.

Bakemonogatari Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • The show quickly cuts to a scene with text you can’t read.
  • There is a close up on a face.
  • There is blatant Fanservice.
  • Someone talks and you cant see their face as they start talking.
  • Araragi’s piece of  hair on his head moves around on it’s own.
  • Someone tilts their head.

Code Geass

Code Geass was an instant classic upon it’s release, gaining huge popularity throughout the world. Lelouche Lamperouge is your average highschool kid, or is he? With a genius intellect and a mysterious power that allows him to control peoples minds. Lelouche quickly puts his knowledge to good use and acts to bring down the Empire of Britannia and reclaim the freedom of Japan. This series relies heavily on the fact that Lelouche has a genius level IQ and uses his many mind-games and tactics to win an otherwise losing battle. The key point for drinks in this game is just how much of a self righteous egomaniac Lelouche is. Also delicious Pizza Hut™ product placement.

Code Geass Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever

  • Lelouch uses his power
  • Lelouch has an inner monologue
    • Drink an extra drink if he’s speaking out loud
  • Lelouch touches his face
  • Everytime someone says “Japan” or “Japanese”
  • Everytime someone does a spinning kick
  • When someone says any number from Zero to Eleven

Finish your drink whenever:

  • There’s a blatant Pizza Hut product placement. (Dubbed editions will have the pizza hut logo removed but it should still be obvious when the pizza hut scenes are.)

Gurren Lagann Drinking Game -

Gurren Lagann

If crazy action, plot twists, and giant robots are more your thing then Gurren Lagann is sure to not disappoint. Kamina and Simon Escape their underground prison of a village to discover that there is a whole world worth exploring. Joined by fanservice machine Yoko, the trio discover the secret to their planet and wage a war against the odds to save earth from the clutches of a mysterious force that’s hellbent on keeping humans restrained. The main selling point here is just how tongue and cheek the action and comedy is, lampooning mech anime in such a perfect way that no show has been able to replicate since.

Gurren Lagann Anime Drinking Game Rules:

Drink One Whenever:

  • You see a spiral or drill
  • Someone says “Bro”
  • There’s blatant fanservice
  • Something explodes
  • Something glows
  • Someone mentions manliness in any way

Finish your drink whenever:

  • A robot plugs into a bigger robot
  • Your favorite character dies

Hellsing Ultimate Drinking Game -

Hellsing Ultimate

Anyone who started watching anime in the mid 2000’s is sure to remember Hellsing. This is an updated and frankly speaking strictly better take on the series. As it turns out supernatural beings have existed for as long as mankind, even longer, and the British empire has an organization to fight them off: The Hellsing Organization. At it’s center lies the nigh unkillable vampire Alucard. Him along with other members of the Hellsing organization do battle against various other fronts, such as the Catholic church, and of course Nazis lingering from the third Reich. Every episode has one big fight where the enemies try and fail to kill Alucard. In these fights various tropes keep occurring, the most obvious being how the characters glasses are always glowing, defying how light works.

Hellsing Ultimate Drinking Game Rules

Drink one whenever:

  • Someone’s smiling face is blacked out by shadows.
  • There’s obvious CGI
  • Someone’s shaking. This includes shaking pupils.
  • Someone screams
  • Bullets don’t work
  • You notice a cross or swastika

Optional Rules:

  • Drink every time someones accent seems forced. This will only occur in the dub of the series, but is easily worth every bad accent.
  • Drink any time you see someone’s glasses glowing.

Inferno Cop -

Inferno Cop

Only one factor allows any player to get through this entire series, that being it lasts about 40 minutes in total. With no real plot to speak of Inferno cop follows well… Inferno cop, as a series of plot twists keep happening. Each episode basically forgets what the last was trying to accomplish and things keep exploding. Expect to finish about 3 drinks, which really doesn’t sound like much, Just take into consideration that you basically won’t have any time to put your drink down for a solid half hour plus.

Inferno Cop Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • Somebody swears.
  • An old character is reused.
  • Something explodes or is on fire.
  • Someone has a cross shaped scar
  • Someone says Inferno Cop.
  • The screen zooms in.
  • There is a plot twist.

Keijo Drinking Game -


This is certainly one of the most obvious ploys at fan service anyone could imagine. Keijo is a fictional women only sport that involves hot girls fighting in swimwear. Oh did we mention that they fight on floating pieces of land in a giant pool? How about that they can only fight using their boobs or butts? Keijo!!!!!!!! sounds like nothing but fanservice, and it is, but the way it goes about it is so self aware that it’s also completely hilarious at the same time. The actual story that exists within this show is about Nozomi and her quest to become the highest played Keijo player in the world.

Keijo!!!!!!!! Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • Anyone is knocked into the water.
  • There is a closeup on someones boobs or butt.
  • Someone says Keijo.
  • Someone uses an attack with a name.
  • An attack is dodged.
  • Boobs or butts are mentioned.

Kill la Kill Drinking Game -

Kill la Kill

Made by the same studio that brought us the nonsensical Inferno Cop, Kill la Kill is very similar in how crazy it is. Unlike Inferno Cop though Kill la Kill is a full series that actually bothers building characters and plot. Ryuko Matoi is seeking revenge for the death of her father. This leads to a series of events that change the course of the world. Ryuko discovers Senketsu, a sentient piece of clothing that allows her to power up in exchange for her blood. Plot twists abound and clothing is the main source of powering up. If you’re into intense action, fan service, and altogether silly plots then Kill la Kill is absolutely what you need.

Kill la Kill Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one Whenever:

  • Anything clothing related is mentioned in any way. Types of clothes, sewing, wearing, etc.
  • Giant text appears on screen.
  • There is fanservice.
  • Anything is disproportionate.
  • Mako is a complete moron.
  • There is multiple of any one background character or object on screen.
  • Anything shines or sparkles.

Finish your drink whenever:

Someone wears a Kamui for the first time. The Kamui are: Senketsu, Junketsu, and Shinra-Kouketsu.


No Game No Life

A pair of master gamer siblings suddenly have their dreams come true and are transported into a world where everything is determined through games. To most this seems like a dream scenario, and it is, but that won’t stop you from enjoying this intense anime full of mind games and treachery. The siblings in question, Shiro and Sora, are essentially cheats. That is to say they are so smart and capable of predicting others that its completely at an unfair level. For this reason they set their sights at not only living in this new gaming world, but completely dominating it with their skills. Lots of inventive games and of course a sibling pair that is a bit closer than they should be should be more than enough entertainment for most.

No Game No Life Drinking Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • Anyone mentions games.
  • Someone wins a game.
  • There is blatant fanservice.
  • One of the 16 races is mentioned.
  • Someone does something unrealistic or otherwise impossible.
  • The siblings act a little too closely with each other.

Finish your drink whenever:

Sora and Shiro beat a member of one of the 16 races at a game for the first time.

Steins;Gate Drinking Game - TheChuggernauts


The microwave is a time machine. Yes you read that correctly. Okabe Rintarou is a self proclaimed mad scientist who wastes his days in his own delusions. That is until he accidentally changes the flow of time with his microwave. As one could expect messing with time never has a good outcome, and Okabe and his lab members will soon learn this the hardest way possible. This drinking game takes advantage of the odd obsession Steins;Gate seems to have with cellphones. This show is widely considered a masterpiece so strongly consider taking a few drink sessions and watch as Okabe falls into time travel madness.

Steins;Gate Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • Someone mentions the organization.
  • Someone uses a nickname, even when they refer to themselves. Such as the zombie, hack, hououin Kyouma.
  • Someone uses a cellphone.
  • Someone uses a computer.
  • Okabe laughs maniacally
  • Someone makes a reference to internet culture.
  • Mayuri says tu-tu-ru

Finish your drink whenever:

  • The timeline changes.

That wraps up the top 10 Anime Drinking Games To Get You Drunk. We hope you Appreciate the wide variety of material within. Of course we have plenty more Anime Drinking Games that aren’t quite as challenging to get through as the ones on this list. So if you decide you need a bit of a break from these heavy drinking ones then check out the rest of our games. If you have any comments or games you would love to see drinking versions of, drop us a line via our contact-us page. Cheers! And always remember to drink within your limits, these are only games after all!