Steins;Gate Drinking Game.

Steins;Gate Drinking Game - TheChuggernauts

The Steins;Gate Drinking Game will have players drinking to the hit anime based off of the visual novel of the same name. Steins;Gate follows the self proclaimed mad scientist  Okabe Rintarou as he and his lab members accidentally create a time machine. Through casually messing with time Okabe Rintarou learns the obvious: messing with time is bad news. Are the secret organizations real? How badly will messing with time affect the lab members? Grab a few drinks and get ready to find out!


The anime Steins;gate and drinks


Players will drink whenever one of the main character perform one of their many tropes throughout the series. Additionally players will have to finish their drinks whenever the timeline changes.


Steins;Gate Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • Someone mentions the organization.
  • Someone uses a nickname, even when they refer to themselves. Such as the zombie, hack, hououin Kyouma.
  • Someone uses a cellphone.
  • Someone uses a computer.
  • Okabe laughs maniacally
  • Someone makes a reference to internet culture.
  • Mayuri says tu-tu-ru

Finish your drink whenever:

  • The timeline changes.

The full drinks here happen pretty consistently throughout the series, luckily they are all spread apart fairly even so don’t worry about having to chug too many drinks in quick succession. As far as the normal drinking rules go for the Steins;Gate Drinking Game you had better be prepared. It’s quite possible a lot of internet culture references go over your head, don’t worry about it. The other rules will more than make up for your lack of meme knowledge. So grab a few drinks and get ready to mess with time, more than getting drunk usually does on it’s own.