Gurren Lagann Drinking Game

Gurren Lagann Drinking Game -

The Gurren Lagann Drinking Game will have players drinking to the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Right from the first episode one thing is very clear, this anime is about over the top action and manliness. For those reasons this is an amazingly easy anime to drink to and enjoy at the same time.

Gurren Lagann follows Kamina and Simon as they escape their underground prison of a village and embark on a journey to save the world. Acquiring new robots and steadily plugging their robots into bigger robots to one up various villains. This bombastic series doesn’t take itself seriously in the least bit. So get ready for lots of manliness and an equal amount of drinks in this hilarious action series.


The Gurren Lagann anime and drinks.


Players will be drinking fairly often during one of the many repeated tropes during this anime. They will also finish their drinks every time a robot plugs itself into a bigger one.

Gurren Lagann Drinking Game Rules:

Drink One Whenever:

  • You see a spiral or drill
  • Someone says “Bro”
  • There’s blatant fanservice
  • Something explodes
  • Something glows
  • Someone mentions manliness in any way

Finish your drink whenever:

  • A robot plugs into a bigger robot
  • Your favorite character dies


The Gurren Lagann Drinking Game is a pretty good amount of drinking. Especially since about 80% of the scenes with Yoko in it are pretty clear fanservice. The finish your drink rules come in pretty consistently as well all the way through the series. There is a lot of down time between action scenes where you will be drinking quite a bit less but trust me you’ll need a break for when it starts to pick up again.