Bakemonogatari Drinking Game

Bakemonogatari drinking game -

The Bakemonogatari Drinking Game will have players drinking to the anime seasons of Monogatari based off of the acclaimed light novel series by Japanese author NisiOisin. Though the game is based off of the first season of a long tenured series. players may use these rules seamlessly with later seasons.

Bakemonogatari follows Koyomo Araragi as he deals with various traditional Japanese monsters and myths that plague him and those close to him. Araragi has a penchant for running into the supernatural, be it vampires, odd priests, or other monsters and spirits that plague the human world. Together with various accomplices and friends Araragi slowly begins to understand the world and it’s workings.


Bakemonogatari or any other season within the Monogatari series and drinks.


Players will be kept busy drinking to the unusual style that this series is animated in. With a camera that constantly jumps around to random screens of text and background shots seemingly at random. Most drinks will occur due to this odd stylistic choice. There is no finish your drink rule simply for the high amount of times almost every rule applies.

Bakemonogatari Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • The show quickly cuts to a scene with text you can’t read.
  • There is a close up on a face.
  • There is blatant Fanservice.
  • Someone talks and you cant see their face as they start talking.
  • Araragi’s piece of  hair on his head moves around on it’s own.
  • Someone tilts their head.

The Bakemonogatari Drinking Game doesn’t seem very difficult at first, with it’s low amount of rules but don’t be deceived. This game has a high volume of drinking that doesn’t give you much time to even put down your drink. Most of these rules apply to the odd style in which the show is animated, which will become very obvious very quickly.

Bakemonogatari and the seasons that follow aren’t very action heavy, with more of a lean on comedy and interesting conversations. Most of the show throws around fancy camera work to keep you entertained as the characters have deeply confusing yet interesting conversations. That is not to say that there is no action, but the show focuses on character development rather heavily. Because of all of this these rules apply often and in large numbers throughout the various seasons. So make sure to have some drinks handy and get ready to be kept busy by the Bakemonogatari Drinking Game and it’s sequels!