Kill la Kill Drinking Game

Kill la Kill Drinking Game -

The Kill La Kill Drinking Game will have players drinking to the original anime of the same name. Kill la Kill follows Ryuko Matoi as she tries to avenge the death of her father. This leads her to discover Senketsu, a piece of clothing that enhances it’s wearers strength but drains them of their blood. Together they will embark on a journey to discover the true nature of her fathers death, which may only lead to bigger questions, and more life threatening results.


The Kill la Kill anime and drinks.


Players will drink anytime one of many outlandish tropes happen within the series. Players will also finish their drink the first time any character wears a Kamui, the most powerful type of clothing.

Kill la Kill Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one Whenever:

  • Anything clothing related is mentioned in any way. Types of clothes, sewing, wearing, etc.
  • Giant text appears on screen
  • There is fanservice
  • Anything is disproportionate.
  • Mako is a complete moron.
  • There is multiple of any one background character or object on screen.
  • anything shines or sparkles.

Finish your drink whenever:

Someone wears a Kamui for the first time. The Kamui are: Senketsu, Junketsu, and Shinra-Kouketsu.

Drinks come in many shapes and sizes for the Kill La Kill Drinking Game. Clothing and visual gags are what drives many of the drinks to be had within this series. From characters being disproportionately gigantic to multiple of the same background character being on screen at the same time. Players will also finish their drinks whenever any character dons a Kamui for the first time. This rule surprisingly manages to reach across the series as a whole from begging to end so always be ready for someone new to slip on one of these powerful uniforms. May as well grab a couple drinks and watch as Ryuko fights clothing with clothing to avenge her father and save the world.