No Game No Life Drinking Game

The No Game No Life Drinking Game will have players drinking to the anime adaptation of the light novel series No Game No Life. Shiro and Sora are unbeatable sibling gamers, known only to the outside world as blank. Given the option to abandon the boring regular world they are thrown into a new terrific world perfect for them. A world where everything from a countries territory to peoples lives are bet on games. Humans known as Imanity are the lowest ranked of 16 sentient races and the only race not capable of using magic. With such staggering odds against them the siblings decide to aim for the top and make Imanity great again. Get ready to get your drinking game on.


The anime No Game No Life and drinks.


Players will drink whenever games or any of the 16 races are mentioned. They will also drink whenever characters do something improbable or win a game. Additionally Players will finish their drinks whenever Sora and Shiro beat one of the 16 races at a game for the first time.

No Game No Life Drinking Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • Anyone mentions games.
  • Someone wins a game.
  • There is blatant fanservice.
  • One of the 16 races is mentioned.
  • Someone does something unrealistic or otherwise impossible.
  • The siblings act a little too closely with each other.

Finish your drink whenever:

Sora and Shiro beat a member of one of the 16 races at a game for the first time.

The No Game No Life Drinking Game is one of the more ridiculous and fanservice heavy anime to drink too. There are many similar but more ludicrous versions of games most people know. Many of the drinks will come from Sora and Shiro acting a little too closely or being unreasonably good at games they aren’t overly familiar with.

The finish your drink rule comes up a perfect number of times spaced fairly evenly throughout this series. Obviously overpowered to a laughable degree Shiro and Sora easily beat many opponents who have clear cut advantages. Such as the use of magic. So get ready to pretend you and your drinks are Shiro and Sora cause you’re gonna be awfully close a lot during this game.