Hellsing Ultimate Drinking Game

Hellsing Ultimate Drinking Game -

The Hellsing Ultimate Drinking Game will have players drinking to the original video animation Hellsing Ultimate. Not to be confused with the original anime series of Hellsing. Though honestly you could still pretty easily apply these rules to the original Hellsing if you wanted.

Hellsing Ultimate follows Seras Victoria, a former London police officer and Alurcard, a vampire of unknown origins and power. Together they protect the British empire from supernatural threats, such as other vampires and various types of monsters. Throw in a super powered Vatican priest and a handful of Nazis as main antagonists and that mostly sums up what you can expect from Hellsing Ultimate. With a completely ridiculous plot and enemies, along with a sense of style that is unmistakable, you’ll be drowning in drinks and action.


The Hellsing Ultimate anime and drinks.


Players will be drinking during the flurry of animation tropes that happen during this anime. There’s also a hard-mode if players are looking to kick up this already heavy drinking game even more.


Hellsing Ultimate Drinking Game Rules

Drink one whenever:

  • Someone’s smiling face is blacked out by shadows.
  • There’s obvious CGI
  • Someone’s shaking. This includes shaking pupils.
  • Someone screams
  • Bullets don’t work
  • You notice a cross or swastika

Optional Rules:

  • Drink every time someones accent seems forced. This will only occur in the dub of the series, but is easily worth every bad accent.
  • Drink any time you see someone’s glasses glowing.


The Hellsing Ultimate Drinking game is one of the heavier and more ridiculous drinking games we’ve created. We decided not to include any rules that cause players to finish their drinks because this drinking game is already a ton of drinking if you use the optional rules. Which include characters glasses constantly glowing, or a bevvy of awfully forced accents.

As far as the glasses go it’s almost as if there’s light sources pointing at their eyes at all times no matter where they are. The accents aren’t any better and range from the bad German accents of the Nazis, to British or Scottish accents. So with these optional rules in mind get a whole bunch of drinks, and get ready for some church vs vampires vs Nazi action.