Attack On Titan Drinking Game

Attack On Titan Drinking Game

The Attack On Titan Drinking Game will have you drinking to the anime based on the manga of the same name. This anime is more known for it’s dark tones which made for an interesting challenge when coming up with drinking rules. Attack On Titan follows the perennially angsty Eren as he tries to find a way to avenge the tragedies of his past. Eren is faced not only with his own demons but also the literal monsters that continue to attack the city and mutilate it’s population. There is a few constants in this anime that made it easier to create a drinking game. Such as Eren always being angry, Armin is always a wimp, and every third character has a unique mustache.



Drinks and the anime series of Attack On Titan.


Players drink every time one of the tropes of the series happen. Players must also chug their drinks as long as the Colossal Titan remains on screen.


Attack On Titan Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one when

  • Someone says “Titan”
  • Whenever someone says Eren or Mikasa
  • Armin whines or panics
  • Someone mentions the Survey Corps/Scouts, The Garrison or the MP (Military Police)
  • Eren explains how much he wants to destroy titans
  • There’s a flashback to Eren’s mom getting eaten
  • Someone cries
  • You notice new unique facial hair


Drink three when

  • Someone shuts down Eren
  • Someone saves Eren

Additionally players must constantly chug their drinks while the Colossal Titan is in frame

The last rule can be a bit tricky especially since one of the opening scenes features the colossal titan. But don’t worry sometimes he’s absent for a few episodes at a time. This Attack On Titan Drinking game is a good balance for the show since it involves a lot more drinking during the action sequences and a little less during the scenes where you might want to pay more attention to what the characters are saying.