Inferno Cop Drinking Game

Inferno Cop -

The Inferno Cop Drinking Game will have players drinking to the original anime Inferno Cop. Inferno Cop is about a cop bent on revenge for the death of his family, I think? This anime is entirely based on trying to be as random and sporadic as humanly possible. Every episode can contain multiple plot twists and seems to forget what the last episode was trying to accomplish. With short episodes usually around the four minute mark this series is perfect for drinking. Grab a few drinks and see if getting drunk makes this show make any kind of sense at all.


The anime Inferno Cop and drinks.


Players will drink whenever things explode or any of the other completely random stuff happens.

Inferno Cop Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • Somebody swears.
  • An old character is reused.
  • Something explodes or is on fire.
  • Someone has a cross shaped scar
  • Someone says Inferno Cop.
  • The screen zooms in.
  • There is a plot twist.

The Inferno Cop Drinking Game is absolute chaos when it comes to drinking. Characters are constantly reused and people can’t help but swear or say Inferno Cop. Include the fact that Inferno Cop is always on fire and things are constantly exploding and well that about sums up what this show is all about. The one saving grace is how short the entire series is, clocking in at about 40 minutes total. May as well grab a few drinks and get ready for some completely hilarious nonsense.