Keijo!!!!!!!! Drinking Game

Keijo Drinking Game -

The Keijo!!!!!!!! Drinking Game will have players drinking to the anime Keijo!!!!!!!! based off the manga with the same name. Nozomi is a young girl with big dreams, become the highest paid Keijo player of all time. Honestly though this anime is about one thing, fanservice. The fictional sport Keijo is women only and requires swimsuit clad hotties to fight each other using only their boobs and butts. There is some actual story in there somewhere but I doubt that’s why anyone is watching this anyways. Keijo does have loads of self awareness as many shots and dialogue are so hilarious and over the top that it ends up being quite fun. May as well have a few drinks to hot chicks fighting in the most ridiculous fictitious sport ever conceived.


The Keijo!!!!!!!! anime and drinks.


Players will be drinking to the absurd amount of fanservice that exists within Keijo!!!!!!!! Also the the actual sport that is played within the anime.

Keijo!!!!!!!! Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • Anyone is knocked into the water.
  • There is a closeup on someones boobs or butt.
  • Someone says Keijo.
  • Someone uses an attack with a name.
  • An attack is dodged.
  • Boobs or butts are mentioned.

The Keijo!!!!!!!! Drinking Game uses so many tropes so often that there isn’t any need for a finish your drink rule. Basically every scene will have closeups on characters or be discussing the finer points of how to use your assets within the sport. Then there are the times when they are actually playing Keijo and things can get out of hand very quickly as far as drinks are concerned. So gear up for some T and A along with some laugh out loud moments in this outlandish sports anime. What better things to drink to?