10 Drinking Games Without Cards Or Dice

Beer Mile -



Beer Mile

Beer mile is about as active as you can get for a drinking game. In fact it’s a full on race.


A track or somewhere to run and 4 canned beers per player

How to play

In beer mile much like in a regular race the goal is to come in 1st place. The thing that makes beer mile a little trickier is that each runner must stop and chug a beer before starting each lap for 4 laps. So that’s 4 laps and 4 beers. Little hard to run full tilt with a few fresh beers in your belly. If you’re looking for some more official rules and standing you might want to check out the official beer mile website.





2 wooden stakes, beer, and a Frisbee.

How to play

Frisknock is a drinking game for those looking for something a little more athletic. At the start of the game each team plants their wooden stake on the ground and places their beer can or bottle on the top of the stake so that it can stand up on it’s own. Players stand about 30 feet from eachother and take turns trying to hit the beer off the stake with the frisbee. When the stake or beer gets hit if the opossing team fails to catch the beer and the frisbee before they hit the ground the shooters score a point, and the losers drink.

This game is more about the physical activity than the drinking. It’s a great way to get people up and moving at any cabin or camping party.

Caps Drinking Game -


The great thing about the Caps drinking game is that you produce the caps as the night goes on so you can always be sure you have the requirements. It’s also one of the simplest and easiest games out there so that’s another positive.

What You’ll Need

Caps, Cups and drinks

How To Play

Players or teams of players sit a comfortable distance away from each other with a cup in front of them and try to land their cap in their opponents cup. If a player lands the cap in the cup he scores a point and the opposing player must drink, but if the opposing player sinks his cap directly after he steals the point. Play continues until a point is unanswered and awarded to the last player who got it in. The game is typically played up to 10 points.

10 Best Outdoor Drinking Games -


Flunkyball is one of those game you wish you knew about earlier. It’s incredibly simple and always a great time. Best of all it can be played almost anywhere with anything and really gets a crowd going.

What You’ll Need

A bottle (or anything else to use as a target) and a ping pong ball (or anything else to use as a projectile) and a full drink for every player.

How To Play

The aim of the game is to finish your drinks before the opposing team. Players stand on opposite sides of a room or outdoor square with a bottle in the center. Each team must remain behind their line to start. Players can only drink their drinks after one of their team mates hits the bottle.

Then players take turns throwing the ball at the bottle. If a player hits the bottle their team can start chugging their drinks. The other team must now run onto the playing field, throw the ball back to a team mate behind the line, then yell “Stop!” in order to stop the other team from drinking. Then play continues until one team has completely finished all of their beers.

Moose Drinking Game -


Moose is a very similar game to the classic Quarters. Except this time players have a whole ice cube tray to try and bounce their quarter into.

What You’ll Need

An ice cube tray, a handful of quarters, and a glass of beer or mixed drink.

How to Play

First players fill the cup with alcohol. Then it’s placed at one end of an ice cube tray and the players all play from the other end.

Players take turns trying to bounce the quarter into the tray or cup. If they land it in the tray they give or take drinks depending where it landed, Where the left side is “give” and the right side is “take”. The amount they give or take depends how far away the section of the tray was where the closest section is worth 1 drink and the furthest is worth 6.  if they get it in the cup then the last player to say “moose!” and put their hands on their head to mimic antlers must chug the glass.

Dodge Beer Drinking Game

Dodge Beer

This game is strictly played 2v2. Teams aim to finish their drinks before their opponents by hitting their cup and then running around the table avoiding getting tagged by the ball. And it’s every bit as fun as it sounds.

What You’ll Need

A ping-pong ball, a table, 4 full beers

How To Play

Much like in Flunkyball, teams aim to finish their drinks before the opposing team. Players aim to throw the ping pong ball at the opponents can on the other end of the table. If they hit the can they can start chugging their drink until the opponent retrieves the ball and places it on their can. However if a ball hits a players can and the player who’s can it was can catch the ball before it hits another surface he can start chugging the beer, the only way to get him to stop is to chase after him and tag him with the ball.

Fuzzy Duck Drinking Game -

Fuzzy Duck

If you’re looking for a game a little more vocal and well… confusing, Fuzzy Duck has got you covered. Basically this game involves players going around and repeating phrases and trying not to mess up. Sounds pretty easy but trust me a few beers will make this way more difficult than you ever thought possible.

What You’ll Need


How To Play

A starting player is chosen and he must say “Fuzzy Duck”. From there play continues clockwise with players alternating between saying “Ducky Fuzz” and “Fuzzy Duck”. If a player says the wrong one he must drink and restart the round.

At any time players are also allowed to say “Does He?” Which causes play to continue but in the reverse order. If at any time someone says the wrong statement, or messes up the statement in any way they must drink and restart the round.

Confused yet? You should be.

Beer Pong

The renown beer pong has always held it’s thrown as the king of party drinking games. And for good reason, it takes a simple task and makes it incredibly difficult by the virtue of getting the players drunk. What more can you ask for?

What You’ll Need

10 solo cups per player, 2 ping pong balls and drinks.

How To Play

To break it down to the bare bones rules players or teams of players are aiming to sink their ping pong ball into the other teams cups. Each team stands at one end of a table and places their cups to form a pyramid then pours their drinks in them. Players take turns throwing the ball at the opposing teams cups and if they sink it in the cup the opposing team must drink the cup. Whoever runs out of cups first loses.

Drinking Measuring Cup -


Fingers is a drinking game that has already been around for almost 40 years in which players aim to guess the number of fingers players are holding up in total. It might seem like total luck but being able to remember the tendencies of your friends could be the key to winning this one.

What You’ll Need

A large vessel full of beer and fingers

How To Play

The aim of the game is to guess the total number of fingers players are holding up behind their back. Whoever is correct is eliminated, which is actually a good thing because he won’t have to chug the cup.

The game begins by any player yelling “Scoff!”.Then players all start filling the cup at once with all their drinks until they feet it’s full enough. Players then collectively count down from 3 and when they reach 0 each player either removes his finger from the cup or leaves it and simultaneously calls out a number. If the number a player called out matches the number of fingers still on the cup he is eliminated. This continues until there is only 1 player remaining and he is doomed to drink the central cup.

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a game that follows the timeless truth that it’s a good time to hear about the embarrassing things your friends have done. It’s probably the ultimate party ice breaker and it really gets people out of their shells.

What You’ll Need

A few drinks and your beautiful voice

How to play

Rules are simple. In turn players go around the circle stating something that they have never done. Everyone who has done that thing in the past must take a drink. First player to drink 3 times is the loser and must finish their drink. You may end up learning a thing or two about someone that you really wish you could unlearn.


More Drinking Games Without Cards Or Dice

If you’re looking for something else like maybe a coin game or one of our many vocal or sports games, check out our drinking games page for a full list of all the games we’ve cataloged, created or featured. Cheers!


Whether you’re playing a drinking game without cards or one that uses them it’s always important to remember to drink responsibly. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of running around with a beer in your hand but no game is worth risking your physical health.