Beer Mile

Beer Mile -

Beer Mile is a beer drinking game that requires players to chug a beer before every lap of a race. This game is not for the faint of stomach. Beer mile combines some of the most primitive and exciting competitions we know, chugging beers and running laps.

Beer mile has went from a party game to a full on national events that get widespread news coverage and official rankings. Beer mile rules can vary from location to location so make sure everyone is on the same page before it begins.


A track to run laps and 4 standard size cans of beer per runner.

Set up:

Each runner who will be taking part in the race must line up at the starting line and hold their first closed can of beer and put the other 3 down on the line.


Beer mile has players drinking a beer between each lap of a race. 4 beers, 4 laps.


Beer Mile Rules:

On the count of 3 the chugging of the first beer begins. Once a racer finishes chugging their beer they can throw it down and run their first lap. After each lap they must chug another beer before they can do the next lap. The race ends when a racer has finished all 4 beers and completed all 4 laps and is crowned the victor.

Beer mile rules should probably be discussed before the game begins but just if you are looking for a more official rule set and database check out the official beer mile website.



In order to win a game of beer mile you gotta be quick but not too quick so the beer you just chugged doesn’t end up finding it’s way back up. This game is an ideal bachelor party drinking game or any other sort of outdoor event. If you’re interested in taking this test of will a little more seriously you can always try to go for the world record and get an official entry into the beer mile database for your country!