Caps Drinking Game

Caps Drinking Game -

The Caps Drinking game is simple and only requires some cups and a bunch of caps. And if you’re already drinking beers the caps should generate naturally just try to remember not to throw any out during the night.

This game, like many others, focuses on performing a simple task that gets harder and harder every beer you drink. So grab some close friends and some bottle caps and get ready to embarrass yourself.


A butt-load of caps, two cups and drinks.

Set up:

Players sit on opposite sides of the play area. This can be as far apart as players want, depending on the skill of the players. 1 Cup is placed in front of each team.


Players take turns, one person per team, trying to flick a cap into the opposing teams cup. A successful flick results in a point and a drink for the opposing team. First team to 10 points wins.


Caps Rules:

Team captains play a game of rock, paper, scissors to determine who starts the game. Turn order rotates back and forth between teams.

Players aim to try and flick their cap into the opposing team’s glass. If they shot is successful that team scores a point and their opponents must take a drink. However if the opposing team answers with a point of their own on the next flick, they get to steal the point. This can continue back and forth until a point is unanswered.

Generally this game is played until one team reaches 10 points and are declared the victors.


This game is both good for casual drinking and it still remains fairly competitive. There isn’t a whole lot of drinking involved so feel free to make some side bets to make things a little more interesting. Caps is a great drinking game for parties because it doesn’t take much to play or explain and is a great way to get in some friendly competition.