Fuzzy Duck Drinking Game

Fuzzy Duck Drinking Game -

The Fuzzy Duck Drinking Game is one of the most confusing games out there. Which make it perfect for a night with a few friends and a few beers. The rules are fairly simple where players utter similar sounding phrases and play continues into a circle until someone messes up. It sounds easy on the surface but it can be pretty tough when players are already slurring anyway.



Drinks and your beautiful voice

Set up:

Players sit in a circle and decide who will be starting the game.


Players say either “Fuzzy duck”, “Ducky Fuzz” or “Does he?” and continue until someone messes up the phrase they are supposed to say.

Fuzzy Duck Rules:

Play starts with the first player saying “Fuzzy Duck”. From there play continues in a circle with players alternating between saying “Ducky Fuzz” and “Fuzzy Duck”. If a player says the wrong one he must drink and restart the round.

At any time players are also allowed to say “Does He?” Which causes play to continue but in the reverse order. If at any time someone says the wrong statement, or messes up the statement in any way they must drink and restart the round.



Fuzzy Duck is great for a small group of players who don’t want to dive into a complicated card game. It’s very interactive and a great party opener. It only gets funner as the night goes on and players aren’t able to enunciate anyway.