Moose Drinking Game

Moose Drinking Game -

The Moose Drinking Game ( also known as Caribou )  is a variation on the classic quarters that uses an ice cube tray. It’s a great an easy game to play, and one of the more exciting ways to get the party moving. Basically players sit in a circle trying to land the quarter in one of the sections of the ice cube tray or in the full glass at the end that’s referred to as the “moose”.



An ice cube tray, quarters, a glass, and drinks.

Set up:

Place the empty ice cube tray in the center of the tray and fill the cup with the drink of choice. If players want to make it easier to tell what the sections mean then they can mark each square from 1-8 on each side and “give” and “take” on the opposite sides.


Players try to bounce the quarter at the tray in in the cup. If they land it in the tray they give or take drinks depending where it landed, if they get it in the cup then the last player to say “moose!” and put their hands on their head must chug the glass.


Moose Drinking Game Rules:

The different spaces in the ice cube tray represent different amounts the players has to drink or give. The left half of the tray is Give and the right half is Take. The number of drinks goes from 1-8 going vertically up the ice cube tray.

Players choose who gets to start the game. He then tries to bounce the quarter into the tray or the glass. If he misses he must drink one. If he lands it in the tray he must give or take some drinks depending where it landed. If it lands in the glass then every player must put their hands on their head as if they’re antlers and yell “Moose!”. Last player to do this must chug the glass.


This game on it’s own can be a pretty heavy amount of drinking depending how slow you are to recognize a quarter has landed in the cup. It’s a great way to down a few beers in a short time and have a great time doing it.