Sevens Drinking Game (Vocal)

Not to be confused with the Sevens card game, the vocal Sevens Drinking Game players only need their voices and some beers. Players go in turn counting and skipping numbers that contain a seven until someone messes up.

It sounds pretty easy on the surface but players always manage to screw up a lot before getting into the higher numbers



Set up:

Players should sit in a circle and decide who will be starting.


Players take turns saying numbers in succession. Players skip numbers that contain a 7 or are a multiple of 7 or they must drink and restart the game.

Sevens Vocal Drinking Game Rules:

Whoever goes first must say the number “1”. After this players continue saying the next number. The catch is players are not allowed to say any number that contains a 7 or is a multiple of 7. So if a player is supposed to say one of those number he instead skips to the next valid number. Once someone screws up and accidentally says one of the forbidden numbers he must drink and play restarts.

The Sevens Drinking Game slowly gets harder as the beers go down. It sounds pretty easy but players are bound to get crossed up. If it’s getting too easy for your group feel free to increase the speed and see how quickly players can rattle off numbers.