Titanic Drinking Game

Titanic Drinking Game - the

This one is fairly simple and is a great drinking game to play at a pub or anywhere they serve beer. Basically the goal of the Titanic drinking game is to pour some beer into the shot glass without sinking it.

What You’ll Need

For this game you’ll need three things. A large pint glass, a shot glass, and some drinks.

Set Up

To get this game ready someone should fill the pint glass about 2/3rds full of beer, then put the empty shot glass in the cup so that it’s floating. Now designate a beer to be the pouring beer to put in the shot glass. If players want to kick it up a notch they can also use something heavier for the shot like whiskey.

Titanic Drinking Game Rules

After it’s set up players take turns pouring as little or as much as they want of their drink into the floating shot glass. The goal here is to avoid sinking it but also making it heavy enough that the next player might sink it.

Whichever poor soul sinks the shot glass must chug the glass. Then players can fill it up again and start another round.


The Titanic drinking game is an easy way to kill some time and down a few drinks. I find it works great at the pub.