Pyramid Drinking Game

Pyramid Set Up-

The Pyramid Drinking Card game (aka Ride The Bus) is perfect for a crowd of about 6 players who are looking to play something a little more interactive than most card drinking games. With all the drinks that are given out in this game it’s a great way to force players to decide who they want to see drunk.


Cards and drinks.


Pyramid (or Beeramid) is a drinking game where players flip cards in a pyramid and play cards or bluff them to assign other players drinks.


Set up:

Use the cards to create a face down pyramid with 1 card in the top row and 6 cards in the bottom row. This should be 21 cards all together. Deal out the rest of the cards as evenly as possible to each player.


Play starts by flipping the bottom left card of the pyramid. After the card is flipped play starts left to the dealer and goes clockwise. If a player wants he can tell a player that he has a card matching the number of the flipped card and cause him to drink for however many matching cards he has. Alternatively a player can bluff and pretend he has the card when he does not.  If a player calls the bluff he either drinks double if he was wrong, or the giver instead drinks the number he was about to give if he was lying. The dealer then flips over the next card in the row and players begin to give out drinks again. Once the bottom row is all flipped play continues to the next row which is now worth 1 more drink per card than the last row. This continues all the way to the final top card which is worth 6 drinks.


In my opinion the Pyramid Drinking Card Game works best with about 5 players. Too many and and players don’t have enough cards and may not end up playing any of them. This game is great to get a party started and is really easy to set up and understand for new players.