Kings Drinking Game

Card Game

AKA Kings Cup, AKA Circle of death, AKA Social, AKA F*ck You, etc. etc. etc.

The Kings Drinking Game is one of the classics for a very simple reason; people just wanna flip some cards and drink some beers. It’s very hard to set in stone what the rules of this game actually are. There’s a few that are generally agreed on but I’ve run into multiple people who have pulled out a crumpled stained piece of loose-leaf paper out of their pocket just to show me the “proper” rules to this game. ┬áSo in advance I’m sorry if i’m stepping on any toes with my rule set.


How To Play Kings Drinking Game



Players take turns flipping cards from a standard deck of cards and performing the action on the card. That’s it. Have fun!


  • Ace: “Waterfall“. The player who drew this then proceeds to drink as much of his drink as he wants. The next player clockwise then has to start drinking his/her own drink until the player before him/her puts their drink down. This continues clockwise until the last player puts their drink down.
  • Two: “Two is for you”. Assign one drink to another player.
  • Three: “Three is for me”. Take one drink.
  • Four:”Touch the floor”. Last player to touch the floor after this card was drawn takes 1 drink.
  • Five: “Five’s for the guy”. All guys playing take 1 drink.
  • Six: “Six is for the chicks”. All girls playing take 1 drink.
  • Seven: “Seven to heaven”. Last player to raise their hand drinks.
  • Eight: “Never have I ever”. The Player that flipped this card states something they have never done. Everyone who has done that must take 1 drink.
  • Nine: “Bust a rhyme“. The player that flipped this card chooses a word and then players take turns in a clockwise order rhyming with that word. First player to take too long to think of a word or repeats a word has to drink.
  • Ten: “Story time”. The player who drew this card says 3 words to start a story. Then in turn going clockwise the next player must repeat every word of the story and then add a word of their own at the end. The player that doesn’t say the right words has to drink.
  • Jack: “Categories“. The player who drew this cards names a category. Then in turn going clockwise each player must name something that fits within that category. The player who fails to do so has to drink.
  • Queen: “Questions”. Whoever drew this card must ask someone a question. Then the person who was asked that question must respond with a question and direct it at another player. First player to fail to ask a question or who accidentally directs a question at the same player that asked them a question drinks.
  • King: “Make a rule”. Make a rule. Anyone who breaks the rule drinks. This rule lasts until another player draws a King.

Variants: I could write a thesis on the amount of variants of this game but i’ll just tackle some of the basic ones.

  • King’s cup: This variant involves putting a central cup in the center of the table. Now instead of creating a rule, whoever draws a king pours some of their drink into the central cup. Whoever draws the 4th king drinks the cup and the game is done.
  • Circle of death: This variant also uses a central cup but this time it’s filled with beer before the game starts. Whenever a player draws a card he must place it on top of the cup in the middle with at least 2 corners hanging off. If a player knocks any cards off the cup he has to drink the whole cup and the game is over.


Overall this game is always a blast. It’s become a staple at many house parties and it’s a great way to introduce new people to each other and have some laughs.