Sociables Drinking Game Rules

The sociables drinking game (sometimes just known as the social drinking game) is a card based drinking game that plays out like Kings minus all the mini-games. Meaning every card simply results in drinking. So if all you want to do is flip some cards and do some drinking than this is the perfect game for you. This game works as long as you have at least 3 players.

What You’ll Need

A full deck of cards (jokers optional) and drinks for each player.

Sociables Drinking Game Rules

First someone needs to shuffle the deck and then place in face down in the middle of the table somewhere everyone can reach it. Then the player left of the dealer starts. On a players turn they simply flip a card and do the corresponding action.

  • Ace – Take a sip.
  • Two – Take 2 sips.
  • Three – Take 3 sips.
  • Four – Make another player take a sip.
  • Five – Make another player take two sips.
  • Six – Make another player take three sips.
  • Seven – Give out 7 sips, divided as you choose.
  • Eight – Give out 8 sips, divided as you choose.
  • Nine – Everyone takes a sip.
  • Ten – Everyone takes two sips.
  • Jack – Finish your drink.
  • Queen – Choose another player to finish their drink.
  • King – Everyone cheers and then finish their drink at the same time.
  • Jokers (If included) – Everyone at the table must finish their drink including you.

Similar Drinking Games

As far as playing card drinking games go this sociables drinking game is one of the easiest and straight to the point ones around. Simply flip and drink. How much you end up drinking relies entirely on how lucky you are so you just gotta cross your fingers and hope. That being said the Sociables drinking game can often result in a lot of drinking so please make sure to take it easy and please drink responsibly.