Captain Dickhead Drinking Game Rules

Captain Dickhead

The Captain Dickhead drinking game is similar to games like Kings except that this game also has one player that won’t have to follow any of the rules and can basically do whatever they want. Plus as players draw cards and carry out their actions they place the cards onto a cup full of booze, and the unsteady chump who knocks it over has to neck it. This game works with any number of players so just grab some drinks and go nuts.

What You’ll Need

  • A deck of cards
  • A decent sized mug
  • Drinks
  • A stupid hat for the Captain to wear (optional)

Captain Dickhead Rules

Before the game starts everyone must pour their drink into the mug at the same time. Stopping only when they all agree that it’s enough.

Then the deck of cards is shuffled and spread out face down in a ring around the cup. Players take turns drawing cards and then doing different actions depending on what they drew.

Also after each card is drawn it must be placed on the filled mug. 2 corners of the card must hang off the mug. If anyone knocks any cards off the mug they have to chug it.

  • Ace – This is the card you want. If you draw this you become Captain Dickhead. Which means you no longer have to follow any game rules. Nobody can tell you when to drink. You don’t even have to draw cards if you don’t want to. Plus you can tell anyone else to drink at any time and they have to do it. This lasts until another player draws an Ace.
  • 2 – Make someone else drink once
  • 3 – Take a sip
  • 4 – Last player to touch the floor drinks
  • 5 – Guys drink
  • 6 – Girls drink
  • 7 – Last player to raise their hand drinks
  • 8 – Pick a Mate. Everytime you drink so do they, until they get a new Mate.
  • 9 – Rhyme Time
  • 10 – Categories
  • Jack – Everyone drinks!
  • Queen – Questions. The player who draws this must ask someone a question. That player must respond in a question. First one to mess up drinks.
  • King – Create a rule. Anyone who breaks it drinks.

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The Captain Dickhead drinking game lasts until the deck runs out. Please drink responsibly.