The Best Kings Cup Rules

There is many variants of the kings cup drinking game with similar rule sets such as Kings, Circle of Death, F*ck You and many more.


This game is wildly popular and very simple for anyone to play. All cards are placed face down and players take turns flipping each card and doing the action associated with that card. When a player draws a king they pour some of their drink into a central mug and the player who draws the fourth king must drink that cup and the game is done.


Kings Cup Rules:

  • Ace: Create a rule, anyone who disobeys the rule must take a drink.
  • Two: “Two is for you”. Assign one drink to another player.
  • Three: “Three is for me”. Take one drink.
  • Four:”Touch the floor”. Last player to touch the floor after this card was drawn takes 1 drink.
  • Five: “Five’s for the guy”. All guys playing take 1 drink.
  • Six: “Six is for the chicks”. All girls playing take 1 drink.
  • Seven: “Seven to heaven”. Last player to raise their hand drinks.
  • Eight: “Never have I ever”. The Player that flipped this card states something they have never done. Everyone who has done that must take 1 drink.
  • Nine: “Bust a rhyme“. The player that flipped this card chooses a word and then players take turns in a clockwise order rhyming with that word. First player to take too long to think of a word or repeats a word has to drink.
  • Ten: “Story time”. The player who drew this card says 3 words to start a story. Then in turn going clockwise the next player must repeat every word of the story and then add a word of their own at the end. The player that doesn’t say the right words has to drink.
  • Jack: “Categories”. The player who drew this cards names a category. Then in turn going clockwise each player must name something that fits within that category. The player who fails to do so has to drink.
  • Queen: “Waterfall“. The player who drew this then proceeds to drink as much of his drink as he wants. The next player clockwise then has to start drinking his/her own drink until the player before him/her puts their drink down. This continues clockwise until the last player puts their drink down.
  • King: “King’s cup”. The player who drew this card pours some of his drink into the central cup. The player who draws the fourth and final king must drink everything in the central cup. ¬†Other players toast and the game is over.

Everyone seems to have a different idea of what the best kings cup rules should be so feel free to experiment and swap out rules that you don’t like.