How To Play The Ring Of Fire Drinking Game

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The Ring Of Fire Drinking Game is a close relative of the popular card game Kings. All that’s required is a deck of cards and a can of beer, which should be easy enough to acquire. This game is a great way social drinking game to get players to loosen up and get to know each other.


A deck of cards and one can, bottle or cup to place in the center.

Set up

Shuffle the entire deck and place the cards in a ring surrounding a bottle or can.


Players take turns drawing cards and performing the action required. This can be anything from giving drinks to rhyming. If a player breaks the circle or causes a card to call off the can then he must drink.

Ring Of Fire Drinking Game Rules

The players first start off by playing the nose game. This means the last player to touch his nose after the cards have been set up is the one who has to start the game.

That player then draws a card and has to perform a specific action based on what card they drew. He must then balance the card on top of the central bottle or can. Then play continues clockwise.

  • 2 through 5: The player that drew this card must drink that many
  • 6 through 8: The player that drew it gets to give out drinks equal to the cards value. These can be split up however the player wants.
  • 9: Rhyme time. The player who drew this picks a word. The next player must pick a word that rhymes with it and then play continues clockwise. If a player fails to come up with a rhyme for that word or repeats one that was said already he must drink. It’s possible to “challenge” the player who came up with the word and if he cannot come up with 3 rhyming words himself he must drink.
  • 10: Rule. The player comes up with a new game rule. Any infraction on this rule results in 1 drink.
  • Jack: Gestures. The player that drew this must come up with a gesture of any kind. At any point in the game if someone sees him do his signature gesture everyone else must do it as well. Last player to do this must drink.
  • Queen: Question Master. The player who draws this becomes the question master until another player draws a queen. Until then if any player replies to something he says with anything but a question he must drink.
  • King: Categories. The player that drew this must come up with a category. Such as Car Brands or Metal Bands. Then in turn going clockwise each player must say something that belongs to that category. First player to fail at this by taking too long or stating something that has been said has to drink.
  • Ace: Waterfall. This card starts a water fall. First the player who do this starts drinking, then each other player in turn starts drinking. Nobody can put their drink down until the player before them does. So it’s really up to the drawer on how long he wants to make everyone drink.

The game ends when there is no longer any cards left to flip.

Other Rules

If a player picks up a card that causes the circle of cards to break, and it’s no longer fully connected all the way around he must drink.

If a player knocks any of the cards off of the can he must drink for every card that fell.

Similar Drinking Games

The Ring Of Fire Drinking Game is great and easy to play. Our ring of fire rules might not match up with ones that you’ve seen elsewhere since this game tends to change rules from table to table. We’d suggest printing out the rules so that players have an easier time figuring out what actions they need to perform after they flip the card.