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    Loaded Kings Review and Impressions

    Loaded kings takes the popular drinking game Kings and packs it into one simple package. Essentially it’s a full deck of cards with a bunch of fun drinking rules printed on them so all players need to do is flip some cards and do what the card says. How Does It Work? Luckily this is […] More

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    How To Play The Fuckin’ Ace Drinking Game

    The Fuckin’ Ace drinking game comes from a user named Will Kelly. It’s a a game that works best with 2-8 players and only requires a deck of cards and some booze. The aim of the game is to end the game with each of the four aces in your hand. What You’ll Need To […] More

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    How To Play The Suck Me Drinking Game

    This is one of the more intimate drinking games on our list, so you’re going to want to play with a fairly even number of guys and gals. The goal of the suck me drinking game is to pass around a card with your lips to the next player, and so-on until someone drops it […] More

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    How to Play the Across the River Drinking Game

    Across The River is a simple drinking game for two or more players. It’s similar to a number of other games like Ride the Bus or Accross the Bridge in which one player attempts to make it from one side of the cards to the other without messing up. What You’ll Need To Play For […] More

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    Candyman’s Wharf

    This game is a user submission from u/upennquaker. It’s a simple card game that’s easy to play over video chat or in person. Works with any number of players but we’d suggest around 3-5. What You’ll Need To Play For this game each player will need their own deck of cards. Then some drinks. How […] More

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    The Blind Bets Card Game

    This card game comes from the reddit user u/WintersWarmth. It’s an easy to play game that works best in bigger groups. However there’s tons of variations and optional rules if you want to add a bit of complexity. What You’ll Need To Play A standard 52 card deck and any number of players. (Recommended at […] More

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    How To Play The White Elephant Drinking Game

    The White Elephant Drinking Game is a card game that involves players trying to get rid of an effigy as quickly as possible. It’s a great game to play for parties or large events but typically requires copious amounts of alcohol. What You’ll Need To Play The Game First you’re going to need an effigy […] More

  • Dicey Review by The Chuggernauts
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    Dicey Review

    Dicey is a dice and card game full of hilarious and unusual drinking challenges. The premise is simple. Roll Dicey, draw a card, and be faced with a ridiculous mini game that you’ll have to complete to avoid a drinking penalty. How To Play The setup for this game is rather simple. Seperate the cards […] More

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    How To Play The Debauchery Party Card Game

    The Debauchery drinking game is a box full of outlandish dares and challenges. All in the name of drinking and having a good time. It’s as simple as opening up the pack of cards and watching your friends make fools of themselves. How To Play Just go around in a circle drawing cards and doing […] More

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