Hootenanny – The Free 21+ Party App

What is the Hootenanny App?

This great app is basically a drinking game where all you got to do is put in the players names and hit start. There’s a number of packs to choose from depending on what you think your group of friends would like the most. But if you don’t want to pay the 1$ to unlock any of the specialized packs you could just play the free IceBreaker pack which has more than enough cards to get a fun game going.

Once you start you just need to pass the phone around and do the actions required. The game takes place in three periods like a hockey game, and each period raises the stakes by making wrong answers to the trivia questions cause more drinking. Each card will tell you exactly who is supposed to be answering the questions or performing the actions. It really couldn’t get any easier than that!

There’s a ton of different types of cards that will come up such as Trivia, “Never have I ever”, game rules and much more. It’s got much more variance than the typical drinking game app and some really creative questions to boot.

Where to get the App?

Currently the app is only available on the Apple Play store. It’s a small download so don’t worry about taking up too much of your data.

Check out the app here!

Hootenanny Review

What’s great about this app is the sheer amount of cards in it. We played for over an hour in just one of the packs and never ran into the same card twice. Plus the game itself is free for at least the Icebreaker pack so you can test it out and see if it’s worth buying any of the other ones. But since the extra packs only cost 1$ we say it’s well worth it to grab one or two.

This game amounts to a simple yet very fun way to break the ice. It’s an easy way to lube up the conversation and get people talking. The game doesn’t take all too long either so it’s not a heavy commitment if you want to start a game up.