Never Have I Ever on Air Console – A New Way to Play Drinking Games

This version of Never Have I Ever by Jerry’s Apps runs right out of any internet browser through air console. What happens is you log on to and are given a code. Anyone who wants to join in just grabs their smartphone and punches the code in and is ready to play. If anyone is looking for a fun, easy, hilarious drinking game that requires very little setup than this Air Console drinking game is a great choice!

Once ready the game will toss you a bunch of categories and players take turns picking which one they want. Soon after a “never have I ever” prompt will appear on screen and players simply grab their phone and select if they’ve done that thing or not. These prompts can be anything from “Never have I ever flown a plane” to “Never have I ever had sex on a toilet” and everything in between. Players will be instructed to drink from time to time and one player will win once a certain number of “done it’s” has been reached.

How To Play Never Have I Ever on Air Console

First follow this link to access the game on an internet browser.

Hit Start and you’ll be given a code. Anyone who wants to join in simply has to grab their smart phone, go to and punch in that code. When everyone’s ready player one can switch up the options and start the game.

Once it loads up the first player can customize what they want to appear in the game, toggle SFW and NSFW questions and what kind of topics to appear. Which is great to be able to tailor the game to a specific audience. Plus you can alter the win conditions to decide how long you want to play and how much drinking will happen.

For those who have never played an Air Console drinking game we strongly recommend it. It’s a great and simplified way to play awesome drinking games such as this one. It removes all the thinking that comes with coming up with questions and you simply have to answer em as they come. Plus there’s the added bonus of finding out a bunch of embarrassing facts about your friends that you’ll probably wish you never knew.