Most Likely To

Most Likely To -

The Most Likely To App comes from the same people who brought us King Of Booze, Day Games. Day games are a game development studio based out of Croatia. And although we only cover their drinking games on here they also are consistently developing apps for any type of smart phone, both drinking games and regular games.

The way this game plays out is it asks the group a series of scenarios and then players point to who they think is most likely to do that. This is sure to cause some hilarious and tense sensations when a single friend gets pointed out as most likely to own a body pillow.



The Most Likely To App and drinks

Set Up:

This is the best part. Just open the app. The game practically plays itself, just grab your drinks and get ready to point fingers!


Players open up the app and read aloud the questions, pointing at who they think best matches the description or scenario.

Most Likely To Rules:

Where this game really thrives is it’s simplicity. Simply open it up and start rattling off questions. You can either pass the phone around and take turns asking questions or just designate one player to read all of them.¬†Whenever a player gets a majority of the votes he must drink once.

To add a bit more drinking we came up with a few rules of our own.

Our additional rules:

Unanimous Rule: If someone is the only player that gets votes that player must chug their whole drink.

Elimination: Once a player is voted Most Likely To three seperate times they are deemed the loser and must finish their drink.


Overall the Most Likely To app is a good drinking game and a great ice breaker for new groups. You might even learn a thing or two about someone that you wish you never did.