Drinking Game Seven App

Drinking Game Seven -

Seven is an app drinking game made by the game dev team CrashInvaders. It’s a no nonsense drinking game that gets straight to the fun. All you gotta do is pass a phone along swiping cards and doing what they say.

The base game comes with an impressive 420 cards with a few more available for players who choose to share the game on social media or rate it on the app store. Beyond that there’s also a few card packs available for purchase for a very reasonable 1$ each.

Right off the bat it’s apparent how much hard work went into the art-style and interface of this game. The cards themselves have a ton of variance and there’s even some special mini-games tossed in along the way. I won’t spoil too much though because one of the best parts about this game is running into all the cards for the first time.

Drinking Game Seven -

How To Play The Drinking Game Seven App

First thing you gotta do is grab Seven on either iOS or Android. (Don’t worry it’s free). This game is as easy as selecting a difficulty and hitting “play”. No need to select players or anything like that, just pass the phone around. It really couldn’t be any easier.

The Difficulties

There’s 3 difficulties depending on your goal for the night. You’ll initially only start with classic available but just by playing the game you’ll unlock the other modes in no-time.

Classic mode focuses more on the crazy tasks you have to perform like having to lick the ear of the player next to you or humming a tune until the other players can guess it.

Hardcore mode is exactly as it sounds. A lot of the easier goofy cards have been removed from the deck in favor of some serious drinking cards. This is the mode you want to choose if you’re trying to get some drinks done quick.

Ultimate is for people who just want to see everything the game has to offer. All the cards from both modes are in here as well as a few extras. If I had to recommend a game mode it would be this one, because it does the best job at showcasing the entire app.



As far as drinking game apps go, Drinking Game Seven is the app that just keeps on giving. It’s impossible to play this game without sharing a few laughs. Plus with the ability to choose if you want more games or more drinking it can really fit the bill at any party. If this app sounds good to you we suggest checking out some of Crashinvaders other apps. Although Seven is their only drinking game they make a ton of very well made indie games as well. If you’re looking for another great drinking game app we suggest taking a look at King Of Booze.