Picolo Drinking Game App

So recently we got a chance to test the Picolo drinking game app. It’s free on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. There’s also a whole bunch of expansion sets you could purchase around 5$ each. Alternatively there’s a 12$ pack to unlock all the add-ons which is highly recommended.

Often app drinking games can be a hassle when all you really want to do get to the drinking. Picolo solves this problem by being the easiest to play app we’ve ever come across. All you need to do is insert each players name and press start. The game will handle the rest. This app breathes life into any party.



The Picolo App and drinks

Set Up:

Insert every players name into the app.


Players take turns flipping the next card. It will tell you exactly what must be done and what the drinking penalty is for failing this task. Although most of the cards simply state a task that must be performed, there’s also an array of other types of cards such as games, viruses and bottoms up.


These cards usually give out drinks to someone who fails to perform a task, or lets them give out drinks.


Games encorporate all the players to play in a mini game. The loser must take some drinks.


Viruses impose game rules that must be followed until the app tells you they are finished.

Bottoms Up:

Bottoms Up is the dreaded red card that simply tells a player to finish their drink.


All in all this game is a great time and does well in a pinch when players don’t feel like stress of teaching a new card game. It’s one of the simplest games out there and it’s sure to get people socializing. We personally recommend the “getting crazy” or “war” packages, but for 12$ it’s absolutely worth it to just unlock all 4 expansion packs.