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King of Booze (App)

So in one of my many searches for new drinking games I came across the King Of Booze app. Generally I approach drinking game apps with a bit of caution since a lot of them are very poorly developed. King Of Booze however actually had some meat on the bones. So much so that I’ve actually had people ask me on a few occasions to bring it back up on my phone to play again.

It’s a lot like a lot of other drinking board games. Roll the dice, move around the board, assign drinks etc… Let me warn you ahead of time though, you want to play this game with both guys and girls present otherwise things could tend to get a little weird. King Of Booze allows a large number of players on a single phone that’s passed around so all that you’ll need is a phone and a group of people you trust holding your phone. This game is a refreshing change from what I usually find in drinking game apps. It really is a fantastic party starter.


Players first pick their characters, colors, gender and what percentage of alcohol their drinking. From there everyone takes turn rolling a dice and seeing where their players end up. At the end of the turn players usually have to either perform an action or drink for not doing it.

Honestly King of Booze is a portable party. It ends up with players having a good amount to drink while choosing whether or not they know someone well enough to give them a lap dance. All in all it’s a great time. There doesn’t seem to be any real ending point to this game so feel free to play it until you’re good and ready to stop. It’s not too heavy on the drinking so it’s easy to get carried away playing this game all night.