Drink And Tell Drinking Game App

Drink And Tell Drinking Game App -

The Drink And Tell drinking game app was created in 2015 for both IOS and Android devices. The interface is very smooth and easy to navigate so you don’t have to worry about fumbling through rule books to get started. Simply open up the app, pick a player to start it off, and begin the game!


How To Play the Drink and Tell

Once the App loads up choose which categories. The free version includes a ton of questions across 6 categories. Love, Sex, Life&Death, Personality, Ethics and User-Generated. And yes you can submit your own questions in the options panel if you get drunk enough to think that’s a good idea.

Once the categories are locked in simply hit start and pass the phone to the player who will go first. They read the question aloud and then read each of the 4 multiple choice answers. Pick one in secret. Then every other player takes turns guessing which answer you picked. Once everyone is done tap the screen to reveal which answer you chose to the other players. Whoever guessed incorrectly must take a drink. Then just continue to pass the phone around with new players answering and guessing the questions.

This game can continue as long as you feel like. There’s no point system or end point so just enjoy yourselves until the game has run it’s course.


The Verdict

Right off the bat this is one of the nicest interfaces we’ve seen among drinking game apps. Everything is very fluid and easy to grasp. It’s a great ice breaker for larger groups. It’s best played with people you know. An added bonus is you can choose your categories to keep the game interesting for specific groups and there’s another 6 great premium categories to buy if you get tired of the old ones. Overall the Drink and Tell app is a great game for socializing and getting to know everyone.


Download the Drink and Tell App Here!