Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi Drinking Game

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This great drinking game is for the 6th episode in the Star Wars saga. (the third movie released). Following the events of episode 5, Luke finds himself in a dire situation as he comes to term with the fact that his father is the embodiment of all that is evil in the universe. He must now confront his destiny before it’s too late.

Our Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi drinking game takes advantage of certain tropes in the film like the constant mention of Jedis and Luke’s understanding all of R2’s beeping noises.

What You’ll Need To Play

All you’re going to need to play this game is a copy of the movie and some drinks. Although if you don’t have the original movie (or the VHS player to play it) you can watch it streaming on Disney+.

Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi Drinking Game Rules

Take A Sip Of Your Drink Whenever…

  • Yoda coughs or wheezes
  • R2D2 says something that Luke understands
  • Anyone says the word “Jedi”
  • Jabba says something that has subtitles
  • Anyone dies from a lightsaber swing
  • The Emperor mentions any of the following words
    • Hate
    • Darkside
    • Expected

Take A Big Swig Of Your Drink Whenever…

  • Luke threatens Jabba the Hutt
  • Han Solo threatens C3P0
  • Vadar refers to the Emperor as “Master”
  • Anyone says the word “Father”
  • A Speeder bike is destroyed
  • Anyone falls into the Sarlacc (the sand monster)

Finish What’s Left Of Your Drink Whenever Any Of The Following People Die…

  • The Rancor (The giant beast below Jabba’s palace)
  • Jabba The Hutt
  • Yoda
  • The Emperor

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This Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi is a fun way to watch the classic star wars sequel. However you should always exercise caution when playing drinking games and take a break if you think you need one.