Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Drinking Game!

Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back drinking game by

This fantastic drinking game is for the 5th episode of the Star Wars saga. (The second released in the series). This iconic film follows the events after the destruction of the death star in episode 4. As Luke, Leia, Solo and Chewy suffer the consequences of destroying the prized possession of the Empire.

If you’re a scruffy looking nerfherder who’s looking to re watch a classic star wars movie than this Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back drinking game is for you. Plus having a few drinks might help you gloss over some of the dated 80s special effects.

What You’ll Need To Play

This game only requires Star Wars Episode 5 and some tasty beverages. Then just follow our simple drinking rules and take a sip whenever they come up. Luckily all the star wars movies are currently available to stream through Disney plus.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Drinking Game Rules

Take A Sip Of Your Drink Whenever…

  • Han Solo says something rude to Princess Leia (this rule is up to your personal interpretation)
  • Anyone mentions Light Speed
  • Chewbacca does a long drawn out howl
  • Anyone says “Skywalker”
  • C3P0 says “Master” or “Sir”
  • A droid, machine or star-ship is destroyed
  • Yoda says any of the following words
    • Dark(ness)
    • Force
    • Jedi

Take Two Sips Of Your Drink Whenever…

  • Kenobi’s spirit appears or speaks
  • The Imperial March theme starts to play
  • Vadar force chokes someone
  • Lando’s motives come into question

Finish What’s Left Of Your Drink Whenever…

  • Vadar is seen with his helmet off
  • Han and Leia kiss
  • Boba Fett actually speaks

Intense Mode:

For a more intense drinking experience, take a sip every time you hear a Pew-Pew sound from a blaster.

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Our Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back drinking game can get a little intense at time so make sure to take a break if you need one. Always make sure to drink responsibly.