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    Bonding and Learning: Empathetic Drinking Games for Students

    Today’s university students face an array of unique challenges – from academic pressures to social anxieties. Amidst this, it becomes crucial for them to develop emotional intelligence – a skill that can be fostered through empathy. This article will explore the concept of using empathetic drinking games and as a tool for bonding and […] More

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    Best Drinking Games for Casino Themed Party

    A quality casino game in combination with a good drink is a haven for every gambling enthusiast. As a result, many people opt for themed drinking parties with casino games. There are many original casino titles or variations of them that make parties unforgettable. In the past, casino-themed parties meant that you should spend days […] More

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    The 10 Best and Funniest Drinking Games for Students

    The first written mention of drinking games can be found as early as in Plato’s “The Feast”. The ancient Greek reveler had to fill a cup with wine, drain it, slam the bottom, and pass the vessel to his neighbor. Since then, the registry of alcohol games has grown considerably, and the rules have become […] More

  • Warpzone's Mario Kart Drunk Driving
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    Mario Kart Drunk Driving

      Mario Kart Drunk Driving is fully credited to The Warpzone’s Youtube series “Drinking Games for Gamers”. This game combines drinking and driving in a way that won’t get you arrested. Mario Kart Drunk Driving has come up a number of times in my life, since everyone I’ve tried playing it with has suggested it […] More

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    The Pokemon Drinking Board Game

      For those that never cared for the Pokemon series or maybe are too old to get the wave of nostalgia that comes with the mention of Pokemon, maybe this game isn’t for you. But for everyone else there’s the Pokemon Drinking Board Game! At it’s core it’s simple. Roll dice and move around a […] More