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The Pokemon Drinking Board Game


For those that never cared for the Pokemon series or maybe are too old to get the wave of nostalgia that comes with the mention of Pokemon, maybe this game isn’t for you. But for everyone else there’s the Pokemon Drinking Board Game!

At it’s core it’s simple. Roll dice and move around a board until you reach the end. Whenever you land on a space it will tell you what to do, usually involving a few drinks.

The Pokemon Drinking Game may take an hour or longer to play depending on the number of players but I’ve never met someone who hasn’t enjoyed it. In fact a number of people I have introduced this game to have went out of their way to print and laminate copies of it.

Be warned. Depending on your luck this game may require you to chug multiple beers if you hit the wrong spaces. So this game is better off to start out the night then end it.

The original vesion


The Chuggernaut’s edit

This version is a slight edit of the most recent version we found that removes a few broken spaces like the one that requires you to tell a story in the area that you’re not allowed to speak in.

Even if you have lady luck on your side you can still expect to chug a few beers during this game.

Of course this game isn’t for everyone but generally those that enjoy it will enjoy it a lot. If you’re a Pokemon fan or even simply a drinking game fan you’re missing out if you haven’t tried this game out.