Russian Beer Roulette

Russian Beer Roulette

Russian Beer Roulette is one of the more ridiculous ways you could spend your night. Basically everyone ends up with a face full of beer and a good amount of beers chugged. Which I guess isn’t too far off from how the night was probably going to go anyway. All that’s needed for this game is canned beer and maybe a towel to clean yourself up after.

How to play Russian Beer Roulette



Roughly 3 times as many canned beers as there is players in the game.


One player shakes a beer and then each player grabs a beer not knowing which one is shaken. Whoever’s beer explodes is out of the game.


At the start of the game you want to get as many beers as there is players. Then one player shakes up a single beer and mixes them up until nobody knows which one is shaken. Players then open their beers making sure they are pointed towards their face. Whoevers beer explodes is the loser. Everyone finishes their beer and the loser is now out of the game. As a consolation for the next round he gets to shake the beer. Play proceeds this way until there is only one player remaining. He is the winner and is rewarded by never getting splashed with beer and ending up drinking the most free beers.


As dumb as Russian Beer Roulette sounds it’s surprisingly fun. There is a lot of tension especially in the later rounds hoping that your can opens without exploding. My advice is to only play this game if you’re ready to stink like beer for the rest of the night. In my opinion this game hits it’s sweet spot at around 6 players and it works best if every player pitches in for the canned beer.