Louisville Chugger Rules

The Louisville Chugger drinking game follows the tried-and-true formula of getting someone blitzed and getting them to do wacky shit. Basically what happens is you cut off the end of one of those old plastic baseball or whiffleball bats, fill it up with alcohol, chug it, spin, then try to hit a ball. Which is exactly as fun as it sounds.

What You’ll Need

For this game you’ll need a plastic bat, tons of booze, and a ball of some kind to swing at.

Setting It Up

Before this game starts you need to get the bat ready. First cot off the very end of the handle. Then sand it down so it’s not going to cut anyone’s lips when they’re drinking out of it. After that make sure you wash it out before starting the game.

Now fill the bat up to the top with booze and choose which poor sucker will be going first.

Lousiville Chugger Rules

The point of this game is to chug what’s in the bat, spin for however long it took you to chug, then try to hit a ball. There’s not really any winners in this game. It’s just plain old fashioned fun.

When everyone’s ready the batter must chug the contents of the bat. At the same time everyone should be slowly counting together. Once they are done everyone stops counting.

Now the batter must spin around the bat a number of times equal to how many seconds it took them to chug.

Once they’re good an dizzy someone needs to lob a ball at the batter and they try to hit it.


Louisville chugger is a great drinking game for things like beer olympics or bachelor parties. If you wanted another reckless yet insanely fun drinking game to play outdoors we suggest taking a look at Stump.