High Noon Drinking Game

High Noon Drinking Game -

This game is for those looking for something a little more active than beer pong but still wanna enjoy the summer weather. The High Noon Drinking Game is reminiscent of old western style pistol duels. It’s typically played 1 versus 1, but if a lot of players want to get in on it they can always team up in teams of two or more.

What You’ll Need

Each player will need one full canned beer. Not to be opened until the duel starts.

For full immersion we suggest taking a look at a Beer Holster on Amazon.

High Noon Drinking Game Rules

First thing players need to do is put their beers in their “holsters”. (Pockets will do). Then they stand back to back.

At the count of three players start walking away from each other. 10 paces to be exact. Once both players walk exactly 10 paces they both say “Draw!” and unholster their beers.

From there the players must chug the entire beer. Then crush the can in their hands. Then players must try to throw their crushed beer can at the other player. If a player gets hit, they are “shot” and out of the game. Last player or team standing wins. Be careful though, a missed shot means you need to run around and try to pick up your thrown beer can before you can throw it again.


The High Noon drinking game is a great way to down a few beers on a nice summer day. If this particular drinking game isn’t exactly what you’re looking for we suggest checking out our list of best outdoor drinking games. Whichever one you choose please be sure to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one, no drinking game is worth risking your physical health.