Edward 40 Hands Rules

Edward 40 Hands Drinking Game -

For those unfamiliar or too old to get the reference, the name “Edward 40 Hands” come from the 1990 film “Edward Scissorhands” where the main character played by Johnny Depp lives his life with scissors instead of hands. This drinking game mirrors that as you try and figure out how to navigate a party with large 40 ounce bottles of beer stuck to each hand.

What You’ll Need

For this game you’ll need a roll of duct tape, and a couple 40 ounce glass bottles of beer. We encourage getting the most ridiculous duct tape you can find at the dollar store.

How To Play Edward 40 Hands

The premise of this game is simple. Attach some beers to your hands!

Grab the duct tape and make sure one bottle of beer is firmly taped to each hand. You might need to ask a friend to help you out because it gets pretty difficult to tape one hand while the other is already taped. Make sure not to tape it too tight because they might be there a while and you don’t wanna lose too much circulation.

Now here’s the fun part. You cannot remove either bottle from your hands until they are both finished. Sound easy enough until you reach the washroom and realize just how daunting of a task taking a leak will become. Plus the longer you take, the warmer those drinks are getting in your hands so hurry it up!

Often this game is best played at the start of a party. Gather some buddies and everyone buy a couple large bottles of beer. Then everyone help each other out to get the bottles attached and see where the night takes you.


The Edward 40 Hands rules are pretty simple, they’re more of a drinking challenge than a drinking game. If you like the idea of wacky drunkard games for your next party, check out this short list of great drinking night rules we came up with. Either way please make sure to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one.