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Bierkastenrennen Rules

Crate Of Beer

Bierkastenrennen is a German game that literally translates to “Beer Crate Running”. Honestly you could probably figure out how most of the game works from there but we’ll describe it anyway. Much like similar games like Beer Mile the goal of this game is to finish a race and a crate of beer before the other teams do.

This game is played in teams of two and as many people can play as they want.

What You’ll Need

Each team in this game requires a case of beer.

Then a course needs to be set and agreed on. This can be anything like around a lake or laps around a field. An average distance for this game is around 5-10km, so this is quite a long event.

Bierkastenrennen Rules

First make sure all teams are on the starting line. Both players on a team must be holding one side of a case of beer, typically a 12 pack but as long as everyone has the same amount it should work.

At the count of three (or if anyone has a starter pistol handy) the race begins. Each team runs while carrying their case to the finish line. The first team to cross is the winner, and then each other team must still finish the race to determine their placement.

The kicker is that no team can cross the finish line until all their beers are finished. Which opens up multiple strategies here. Either you can chug and run, or take checkpoint stops to catch your breath and neck a beer, or simply wait until the end to down six beers all at once.


Bierkastenrennen is a pretty intense game and is usually an all day event. If you want players can set up checkpoints where players must stop for beers instead of having to drink while running. As with most drinking games this can result in a lot of alcohol being drunk so please drink responsibly.