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Mao Drinking Card Game

The object of the Mao card game is for a player to be the first to get rid of all their cards without breaking any unspoken rules. Our drinking version has players drinking for every rule broken. It plays out sort of like Crazy 8s or Uno in that players are dealt a hand and try to get rid of each card before their opponents.

What You’ll Need

At least one deck of cards with jokers removed. (multiple can be used to reduce shuffling). And some drinks for every player.

Set Up

An important thing to remember in this game is that new players are not allowed to read the rules. They must simply observe them by watching the other players. If nobody playing knows the rules than randomly assign half the people playing to read them, and the other half cannot. The players that know the rules can tell the other players the general goal of the game, and what it’s like, but not the individual card rules.

Then someone deals out 7 cards to each player to form their hand. One card is then flipped from the top of the deck to the center of the table.

Mao Drinking Card Game Rules

Much like crazy 8’s players take turns playing cards that either match the suit or number of the top face up card.

  • Ace: When an ace is played it causes the next player to miss their turn
  • 7: When a seven is played the player must say “have a nice day” and then the next player draws a card. Unless the next player can play another 7 then they can say “Have a very nice day” and the next player would draw an additional card. For each seven played the player must add another “very”.
  • 8: When an 8 is played, the order of play switches directions.
  • Jack: Jacks are wild. When played the player calls out any suit to count it as that suit.
  • Spades: When playing any spade the player must state the name and suit of the card.

If ever a rule is broken, or a player tries to play out of turn, a player can point at them and say “MAO”. This causes them to draw a card and take a sip of their drink.


At the end of each round, the winner of the round gets to create a new rule for the next round. Only they can know the rule, and are in charge of calling out when it’s broken. These must be general game rules and not targeted directly at a player. They must all be written down as well.


The Mao Drinking Card Game is a great twist on crazy 8s that dates back to the early 1950s. Please remember to drink responsibly.