Crazy Eights Drink Down – A Crazy Eights Drinking Game

If you’re looking to just add some drinking rules to a classic and easy card game then there’s always Crazy Eight Drink Down. For those not aware Crazy Eights Count Down is a card game where players aim to get rid of all their cards by playing cards matching the suit or number on the stack. Once players run out of cards they draw 1 less than last time and then continue from there.

Crazy Eights Drink Down incorporates drinking rules to raise the stakes. Players will have to drink when they draw cards or miss turns as well as giving away drinks when other players run out of cards.



A deck of cards and drinks

Set Up:

Deal 8 cards to each player face down. This will be their first hand for the game. Shuffle the rest of the cards and place them all face down in the center with 1 of them being face up.

Crazy Eights: Drink Down – Drinking Game Rules:

Base Rules:

The base rules are the same as a regular game of Crazy Eights Count Down. Play starts with the player to the left of the dealer. He must play a card matching the suit or number of the card at the top of the stack that was flipped face up. He may also play multiple cards of the same number if he has them. Once a player runs out cards he must draw a new hand that is 1 smaller than his starting hand last time. This continues until he finished the last single card hand. If a player cannot play a card he must draw a card.

Special cards:

8: 8s are considered wild cards. They can be played on any other card and change the suit for the next player to whatever you want.

2: 2 causes the next player in turn to pick up two cards. He can cancel this by playing his own 2 causing the next player after him to pick up 4.

4: 4s switch the direction of play.

Ace: Aces cause the next player to miss their turn.

Jack of clubs: This specific Jack causes the next player to pick up 5 cards.


Drinking Rules:

Drink one everytime:

  • You pick up a card.
  • Your turn is skipped.
  • You don’t say “last card” on your last card.

6: If a player plays a 6 the next player must drink 2 unless he can play a card the same suit as the 6. Once a player fails to play the same suit he must drink 2 for every card played since the 6.

Once a player runs out of cards and draws a new hand he gives drinks equal to the amonut of cards he draws. Whoever wins the game gets to assign 1 player to finish their drink.