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Uno Drinking Game

Uno Drinking Game - The Chuggernauts

The Uno Drinking Game has players drinking to the classic card game Uno. For those who don’t know Uno is played much like crazy eights. Try to play cards of the same suit or number and be the first one to run out of cards. There’s also action cards to reverse turn order or change the suit.

This game makes for a great drinking game because it’s very simple to pick up and play and you can get for for 2$ at any local wal-mart if you don’t already own a copy.



A copy of Uno and drinks.

Set up:

Just like the normal game of Uno shuffle the deck and deal out 7 cards to each player. Then place one card face up next to the shuffled face down pile. The player to the left of the dealer will be starting the game.


Uno Drinking Game Rules:

This game plays out like a regular game of Uno with a few exceptions to make players drink. Players take turn playing cards that are the same color or number as the one showing until one player runs out of cards.


  • Whenever a player has to pick up a card he must drink 1 for each card picked up.
  • When a player yells “Uno!” correctly to indicate he has one card left every other player must drink.
  • If a player fails to call “Uno!” and another player calls him on it, he must finish his drink.
  • One the game is finished and one player has run out of cards each remaining player must drink for each card still in their hand.

Overall it’s not a whole ton of drinking unless players are forgetting to call Uno. Which is more likely to happen the longer you play. So it’s easy to play multiple rounds and keep it going.


The Uno Drinking Game is great for parties or any other type of get together. It also accomodates up to 10 players so nobody has to feel left out.