FUBAR Drinking Game

Card Game

This game is another one of the flip-and-drink style drinking games like Circle of Death. The FUBAR drinking game is pretty simple but you might want to keep these rules handy in case you forget any of them. This game just involves flipping cards and doing what ever action that card requires. It works with any number of players.

What You’ll Need

A full deck of cards and a few drinks for each player.

FUBAR Drinking Game Rules

  • Ace: Take one drink
  • Two: Take two drinks
  • Three: Take three drinks
  • Four: Questions. You look at another player and ask them a question. They must respond with a question then ask another question to someone else. First player to not say a question loses and must take a drink.
  • Five: Give out five drinks. They can be divided to multiple players.
  • Six: Never have I ever. The drawer of this card states something they have never done. Everyone who has done that thing drinks.
  • Seven: Thumbmaster. Whoever draws this card is the thumbmaster. At any time they can put their thumb on the table and the last player to do the same drinks.
  • Eight: Categories. Whoever drew this names a category. Players go around saying something within that category. First player to take to long or repeat something that was already said drinks.
  • Nine: Rhyme Time. The drawer picks a word. In turn every player must rhyme with that word.¬†First player to take to long or repeat something that was already said drinks.
  • Ten: Cheers! Everyone drinks.
  • Jack: Guys drink.
  • Queen: Girls drink.
  • King: Waterfall!

As far as drinking games go the Fubar drinking game is fairly tame. There’s not a whole ton of drinking involved. Either way you should make sure to not go overboard and drink responsibly.