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Drink-O-Tron the Drinking Game of Kings

Drink-O-Tron Drinking Game -

Simply put, Drink-O-Tron is a better way to play the classic drinking game Kings. It’s a full 54 card custom deck that has different mini-games and drinking rules on each card. So all you need to do is flip and do what the card says. Can’t get much easier than that.

How to play Drink-O-Tron

This game does come with a small manual but it’s so simple you won’t even need it. Simply place all the cards in a face down pile (similar to Go-Fish) and start drawing cards. On their turns players draw 1 card and do whatever the card says. This can be anything from taking a sip, to spelling out your own name with your butt. Then play continues clockwise until all the cards in the deck are gone.

Who should play?

One of the great things about this game is that it has a little bit of something for everybody. Basically anyone who has ever enjoyed a drinking card game like Kings Cup or Ring of Fire should love this game. It uses a lot of the rules found in kings but since every card in the deck is unique that means there’s tons more different cards and hilarious rules to follow.

Drinkotron -

Additionally the game comes in a small tin so it’s very easy to transport and stuff in a pocket for the next time anyone is looking for a great drinking game to get the party started. But if even that is too much for you they also make a free App version for both iPhone and Android.


  • Great looking cards
  • Hilarious mini games
  • Simple and easy


  • Can be a bit light on the drinks

The Verdict

Immediately what players will notice about Drink-O-Tron is just how great all the cards look. The art style is nothing short of fantastic. The game is a decent length for a drinking game. Approximately 54 turns (a few less due to a couple draw-again cards). For the price tag and the quality of the product we can’t point out anything very negative about this card game. It’s simply a better more enhanced way to play everyone’s favorite card game, Kings.

Prodigal Creative Drink-O-Tron: The Drinking Game of Kings (Toy)

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